Our location
We are in Jyväskylä, 268 km to the north from Helsinki in Central Finland with good traffic connections: a railway station, an airport and several daily express bus lines.

Our characteristic features
• Our school was founded in 1942 and is owned by a private NGO foundation
• We have about 430 students
• We respect Christian values, but are multicultural with many ethnic and religious backgrounds
• We have regional, national and international networks
• In our campus area we offer excellent sport and spare time facilities (a gym, a sauna, a pool, a library with PCs and internet, free wifi)
• Our school dormitories offer accommodation for 80 students and hostel guests in double rooms, and also studio flats with private kitchenettes and bathrooms
• We are an international school: we have about 110 immigrant students from 25 different countries with 19 different languages
• Our students can be adult students, immigrants, the elderly, the unemployed, the young, professionals etc.

We offer Vocational education with a national degree
• Child Minder
• Children’s Instructor
• School assistant
• Special Needs Instructor for Children and Young People
• Verger for the church

Free-oriented youth and adult education
• Comprehensive school for young and adult people
• Interior decoration
• Integration studies for immigrants (Finnish language, basic skills, social studies)
• Drama and theatre
• Educational studies for humanities (for future school and kindergarten teachers)
• Graphic design
• Music
• Writing

Other services
• Weekend and summer courses and camps on various topics for children and adults
• Further education and leadership courses for working people and companies
• A restaurant with 120 seats offers school lunch and catering services and facilities for private, business and community meetings, festivities and parties

Future vision and strategy
• We have more International networks and Erasmus+- projects
• We continue as an active Unesco World Heritage School
• We focus on active citizenship and environmental issues (human rights, recycling, sustainable development, social cohesion)
• We will have deep and wide cooperation models with the working life
• We use E-learning methods and digital facilities both in teaching and in learning


Principal Mr Harri Erkamaa

e-mail. harri.erkamaa (at) jko.fi

tel. +358 44 7522 764

School Secretaries:

Ms Suvi Uski

e-mail. suvi.uski (at) jko.fi
tel. +358 44 7522 714

Ms Kirsi Haukimäki

e-mail. kirsi.haukimaki (at) jko.fi

tel. +358 44 7522 716

School Office:

Address: Sulkulantie 28, FIN – 40520 JYVÄSKYLÄ, FINLAND
tel. +358 14 3348 000
e-mail: toimisto (at) jko.fi
Internet: www.jko.fi

Vice principal Mr Matti Virtala

e-mail. matti.virtala (at) jko.fi

tel. +358 44 7522 749

International Coordinator:

Ms Anna-Liisa Vallipuro

e-mail. anna-liisa.vallipuro (at) jko.fi

tel. +358 50 3899 641

Accommodation information and bookings

Ms Katriina Holma

e-mail. kokouspalvelut (at) jko.fi

tel +358 14 334 8000